Las Lunitas

Around the corner from Bank of America down by Stanhope and knickerbocker there’s a little restaurant that was known for it’s variant brunch menu options and unlimited mimosas/sangrias. During this year there have been a change in management and since my last visit I wanted to check out this small little establishment and find out what’s new as well as what the food taste like.

The style of the restaurant is vintage with simple art pieces here and there. The music is not distracting but its subtle which works as background music. The Bar area is pretty standard with a blue esthetic which stands out beautifully. The furniture could use a lot more touches. The restaurant as a whole seems to get a little bit of a makeover but you can tell changes were made.

Spicy Potatoes

The Spicy Potatoes are freshly cooked with salt and pepper. Having a good crunch to it these potatoes are coated with a spicy red sauce with peppers and jalapeno while the white sauce has a creamy texture like yogurt to help cool down the spicy sauce. The mildly spicy sauce compliments the white sauce to balance out the heat and texture of the warm potatoes so you get that tender moistness in your mouth.

Broccoli, Egg & Cheese Omelet with Homefries and a side salad

The Broccoli was steamed and wasn’t enough to commit to the dish. The egg didn’t look like a restaurant quality omelet but the taste was pretty ordinary even though it tried to compensate with cheese inside the egg. The omelet was too thin and the presentation was overwhelming. The portion size was way too big for lunch. It looked like too much stuff was going on in the plate. The potatoes was cooked well but I wouldn’t consider it homefries. The salad wasn’t necessary due to no connection with the rest of the meal and the dressing being very minimal.

French Toast with fresh fruits

This classic French Toast dish had hopes to travel to a pallet and dissolve itself upon the taste buds of another to give enjoyment and flavor. at least, that was all hope. The French toast had minimal flavor that didn’t stand out as much as needed. The portion size was big but would have been looked over with the flavor which it didn’t have. The taste was more like a sponge cake than actual toast. The strawberries and mango that was added looked appealing but didn’t bring the dish to life. The powdered sugar painted the dish wonderfully but to play as a dry substances to adhere to the fruits.

 Salmon and Egg on toast with Homefries & a side salad

The Salmon and egg seemed to have missed the mark on portion size. Though the execution was ok the dish had two stars which was the salmon and the Homefries. The salmon was too small for a main dish. The fact that it was on a slice of bread made it seem like an appetizer rather than a main dish. The homefries are just potato cut into fours and fried with good seasoning. The egg had a gooey interior and sprinkled with cinnamon. The salmon dish wasn’t properly described in the menu which was disappointing considering some allergens was addressed.

Overall, Las Lunitas is not known for brunch like they used to. The service was disconnecting and even though their décor blended with the theme of the restaurant the food failed to make a home run. That being said, the potatoes are tasty and the vegetables are delightful. Through a little corner around from bank of America in the knickerbocker area of bushwick is where Las Lunitas is located.


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