123 Burger Shot Beer

Down by the heart of Hell's Kitchen there's a place thats cheap and has a variety of drinks for you to try. With friendly staff and all-round music variets this place is great for an after work chill spot or a place to have some drinks and sliders with another person.

From the lights on the wall to the variations of sports flags this place is a great place to whach the game for whatever team you're rooting for. Either have a seat with friends or spend time with the bartender at the bar.

From the sliders to the wings they were always fresh cooked very well done which is highly appreciated. From the smokey flavor of the turkey slider to the melted cheese which compliments well without overpowering the whole slider. The difference between the turkey and beef slider was the crunch.

La Piña is a classic drink that cinsisted of pineapplejuuce and pineapple ciroc vodka. Topped off with a pineapple wedge this tangy drink is satisfyingly fruity. This smooth drink give you the burst of pineapple with the kick of Ciroc.

Their dessert consisted of not much but food that will make you want to go to the gym but good for a cheat day. from fried twinkies and oreos to the dizzy pops like when your mom put fruit juice in an ice tray and left in the freezer for a while so you can have after. The difference is this one has alcohol.

I had the deep fried oreo and its very well done. nice and crunchy on the outside, not over fried where it has a smokey flavor. The oreo center is nice and firm, a little gooey but not like where you have to drink from it. The whole is nice and firm and you get it fresh so there's no microwave loophole.

Overall this place is a good place to hangout. It would be more beneficial to have a better variety dessert menu and the sports shows on the tv to be more diverse. For a sports bar (aside from the events) you would think they would have a variation of sports other than 2. The gratuity is an automatic 15% so make sure to make some changes if you need to. So if you're ever around and want a quick bite or a shot with friends just stop by 123 Burger Shot Beer and do just that.


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