La Madonna

Now I know what you're thinking, a restaurant that is totally dependent on the 80's pop star Madonna. Well, this Italian restaurant is inspired by the Mona Lisa with mexican influences. The scene takes place in Cancún, Mexico where a late night stroll down by La Isla Shopping Mall and a hunger for a dine-in experience is needed; I join my fellow travelers into this establishment to find a beautiful sight of architecture and design that is La Madonna. 

From the statue pillars to the Mona Lisa in the center of the room the design is a solid 8 on restaurant design. With the architecture and design the food has to be manifique. I had one of their specialty dishes which was a Truffle Linguine with a white wine reduction, truffle oil and mozzarella cheso fresco combination

To think that ordering a cheesy dish in a restaurant where their influences are known for cheese that i would get an overpowering cheese dish but on the contrary this dish didnt do that at all. 

It seemed that way at first but in fact this dish was filled with flavor. From the savory flavor of the truffles to the delishness of the herbs. The dill, the basil, the cheso fresco, this dish was packed with flavors that balanced out the cheese which made for a great meal. Though the truffle sauce was alot to leave a leftover sauce this is a great meal to consider when entering La Madonna. Now because im a foodie I have to try their dessert. 

This Strawberry Tarimisu cheesecake was light  and fluffy as a pastry should be. The cinnamon powder was enough to calm the palet and let the flavors of the dish flow through. This dessert is a good closer to a fantastic meal. So when you plan your next trip to Cancún consider La Madonna as your night out for something with artistic design and delicious food. 


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