Lady Gaga’s Cups of Kindness 

2017-06-13 17.04.51
Starbucks is partnering with Lady Gaga to bring together peace and love to the world. Through her Born This Way Foundation,

“A project of the Born This Way Foundation, Channel Kindness, empowers young people to document stories of kindness in their worlds. Grounded in the belief that compassion and kindness are key to building vibrant, productive communities, the platform gives young people the resources and opportunities they need to help change the world—one act of kindness at a time.” – Starbucks


Lady Gaga has inspired her fans to embrace kindness in their communities. With every Cup of Kindness drink that is purchased from 6/13 to 6/19, Starbucks will donate $0.25 to the Born This Way Foundation. There are various drinks that helps with this event. From left to right lets begin.

Matcha Lemonade 
matcha lemonade

The Matcha Lemonade is made with matcha green tea and lemonade shaken with ice and extra matcha powder. This drink is rather sweet and lemon is mostly what you taste while its slightly tart. The lemonade is very light which is great for the summer.




Violet Drink
The Violet Drink is made with sweet blackberries, tart hibiscus and shaken with coconut milk and ice for a refreshing exuberance.  After getting a second helping of the Violet Drink because the first time was watery and the barista was learning the new drink which is understandable, the drink is not was bad as I thought it would be. There is a lot more flavor in this drink compared to matcha lemonade.

Ombré Pink Drink

The Ombré Pink Drink is a lime Starbucks refresher with coconut milk and shaken iced passion tango tea. When I saw this drink I was wondering what makes this drink different from the regular pink drink. Of course one is hombre and the other is not but the hombre of this drink is quite nice. Its smooth taste is what you first taste from this refreshing drink. Once you stir the drink more and more the drink becomes more sweet and tart and the smoothness from the coconut milk starts to blend in with the lime and berry. The strawberry and lime is what you end up tasting in the end but its great when you’re looking for a taste like that.

Pink Drink

With a crisp strawberry acai refresher from Starbucks, coconut milk and passion fruit the Pink Drink is sure to make the splash. The Pink Drink is the most pinky of them all. With this sweetness that comes from the sip of the straw you get a familiar flavor like starburst or something more tart and sweet.


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