Down by myrtle and canarsie is what looks like a authentic simple (simple in the sense that it is not overflowing with flashy pictures or gimics) restaurant. I have passed by a few times and i usually see it either closes or lacking in customers which to me is strange because it looks like a good authentic restaurant compared to the other food establishments in the area. I give it the benefit of the doubt that on this particular day it had just finish raining but average amount of service they get on a regular must be enough to keep them afloat. So I was curious to wonder why it may be. So a friend and I went in for a meal to see how the food tastes. 

Dissatisfaction was what went through my head. Its nice that there’s a holder for your umbrella but it keeps you thinking that anyone can go and steal it because you will have to leave it unattended. Now I didn’t have a cheap everyday umbrella where you don’t care if u lose it or not as long as you use it. My umbrella was big and pricey but those are the few things you think about when you see something like that. As we enter I didn’t see any staff for about a good 2 minutes. Now I know you’re thinking that 2 minutes is too short to be waiting but its actually not. When entering a restaurant that has a host that leads you to your seat, you should be serviced right away even if you have to wait for a seat or something. 

Good service is quick service. The customer wants to be seated and fed ASAP. If any situation rises where the customer is prompted to wait for an amount of time then they need to be notified so they know what is going on and can decide if its worth staying or leaving because if you leave the potential customer without any knowledge of why its taking too long to get service then the reputation of the restaurant is questioned. With everything said we get seated and proceed with the menu and ambiance of the place. 

What can help give customers a good experience is the music. The music that we was listening to were classics like the “Friends” TV series opening  and a song that became a meme in the TV series “How I Met Your Mother”. From music to food the food was pretty generic to say the least. 

 From the house burger that consisted of cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and French fries to the chicken sandwhich the meal pretty ordinary. The house burger was cooked to perfection and cheddar cheese perfectly melted on the burger which turned out really good. The pickles had an unusual sweet taste for a sour pickle. The fries (which I was hoping for) didn’t work out much for me. Both fries were under seasoned but on the contrary was crisp and crunchy which is what you want to get out of a french fry. 

the music was oldie elevator music. the food was generic and the garnishes was disappointing. the service was slow especially on a Friday afternoon. the stuff was as short as 2-3 people which was not good considering how long we waited. Overall our time there was good and the food was alright. 


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