Ippudo – Beer Bar

An Asian restaurant that focuses on Japanese cuisine where the music is charismatic and the staff are down to earth. Ippudo is the spot for your beer and ramen needs. With great decor and pristine hosts all you can do is grab a beer while you wait for a table where the art is to foreign and the food is out of this world. 

These Ippudo Buns are full of delight. Nice and squishy on the outside with the crunchy, sweet and lightly spicy chicken with lettuce for added texture. This simple dish makes it all the more satisfying. This dish is one of my favorites and a must have whenever you enter ippudo. 

Shishito Peppers
are great when you’re with people. With the great taste of seasoned peppers and the 3/12 chance of the peppers being spicy peppers. Now I dont mean mild spicy. The dish is is a good appetizer. 

The ippudo wings are cooked to perfection. This sticky BBQ Wings comes packing with a crunch. With cabbage pieces to compliment the dish these chicken wings are made with special ippudo seasoning, BBQ and honey. Very subtle stickiness so you’re not messing up your clothes. 

Ippudo ribs
looks like a pair of brownies drizzled with chocolate and paired with a yellow custard. This dish is tender to the bone. The honey mustard lemon sauce has a sweetness that compliments the ribs. the pepper flakes on the side is to add some flare and spice to the ribs which are artistically lathered onto the ribs. The ribs are tender, juicy and melt in your mouth. By the time you finish your last ribs you wish you had more. 

You can’t enter a ramen place and not have ramen. The Ichiraku Ramen is made with a classic shoyu chicken broth – a bonito fish dashi that’s topped with sliced pork, scallions, cabbage, an egg, some menma and naruto. The pork is tender and the broth is very tasty. The menma is very unique. Firm like a carrot but soft like a potato this grey stick like piece of wonderment is very distinctive. The runny egg yolk is to contrast to the meal as well as finish off the pallet on the savory roller coaster that is ichiraku ramen. 

Lady M Green Tea Mille Crépe is a pastry that is filled with clustered like flakes that’s moist and buttery. Sprinkled with matcha powder each layer gets more fluffy then the last. The first bite is was the most creamy and dry but towards the end you can taste that moist butter matcha flavor. Even though they change desserts every few weeks or so this dish is an interesting one to get. 

Overall the experience is very open and vibrant. Even though it might be a little pricey for some -it is well worth it for your pallet. Located in east village of NYC close to union square feel free to stop by and try any of their dishes. 


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