From the ends of the bushwick area to Ridgewood queens this small hipster brunch place is unique for its seafood and brunch dishes. With the wooden tables and open bar to being the only brunch place for miles. With decent staff the food was superb.

From top to bottom the chicken and waffles was a staple of brunch dishes. Served with maple syrup and honey mustard the waffles was made to expectations and the chicken cutlet was crispy and cooked all the way through. The bottom dish is an egg white omelet with spinach, tomato and herbs served with yuca fries and pickled red onions and a tangy chipotle sauce which is a great pairing to the sweet and lightly salted yuca fries.

Overall the experience wasn’t the best but the food was great. The service was slow but the music and atmosphere was nice and pleasant. If you’re around the area on a Sunday for some brunch then Industry1332 is the place to go since there isn’t another restaurant that does brunch. If you are interested in what else Industry1332 has to offer and feel free to check them out.


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